Tata Trucks in India

Tata Motors, a $45 billion organisation, is the most reliable name among the automobile manufacturers in India. The company was established in 1945 and boast of a diverse portfolio dealing in cars, sports utility vehicles, trucks, buses and defence automobiles. Their first commercial vehicle- a TMB 312 was truck rolled out from this company in 1954. Tata Motors is the leading automobile developer in India and takes pride in shaping the nation’s commercial vehicles’ landscape. The most popular trucks from the Tata stable includes Tata Ace, Tata LPS, Tata LPT, and Tata Signa. These commercial vehicles have always remained at the forefront of technology and given rise to innovations which have significantly facilitated the country’s growth.

Tata Motors has numerous ‘firsts’ in its lists. They were first to introduce automatic transmission ABS technologies, and cruise control among trucks. They also manufactured 4-axle rigid truck and 5-axle twin steerable, rigid truck for the first time in India. The customer service of Tata Motors is also way-ahead than its competitors. They have introduced several customised Loyalty Programmes, including Tata Delight and Tata Emperor providing benefits to old customers. Till now they have rolled out more than 25 lakhs Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicles Trucks in India.

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Tata Trucks Price in India

Tata trucks price in India starts from ₹ 2.92 lacs for its lowest priced model ACE ZIP and goes up to ₹ 38.32 lacs for LPK 3118. Please find below the price range of all Tata truck models.

Model Price
Tata LPT 909 EX -
Tata Signa 4823.T -
Tata LPT 1918 -
Tata Signa 5523.S -
Tata Prima LX 3718.T -
Tata Signa 2518.K -
Tata Intra V30 BS6 -
Tata Prima FL 3530.K BS6 -
Tata Prima FL 5530.S BS6 -
Tata Signa 2823.K Drill Rig BS6 -
Tata Signa 4830.T BS6 -
Tata ULTRA T.7 Electric -
Tata Ultra EX 3021.S BS6 -
Tata Ace gold BS6 -
Tata ACE ZIP from ₹ 2.92 lacs
Tata ACE ZIP XL from ₹ 3.15 lacs
Tata ACE from ₹ 3.75 lacs
Tata Ace gold from ₹ 3.75 lacs
Tata Ace Mega from ₹ 4.92 lacs
Tata Ace Mega XL from ₹ 5.18 lacs
Tata ACE XL from ₹ 5.18 lacs
Tata Intra V10 from ₹ 5.35 lacs
Tata SUPER ACE MINT from ₹ 5.39 lacs
Tata Intra V20 from ₹ 5.85 lacs
Tata 207 RX Common Rail from ₹ 6.06 lacs
Tata Yodha from ₹ 6.83 lacs
Tata SFC 407 PICKUP EX from ₹ 7.16 lacs
Tata SFC 407 EX HT from ₹ 8.82 lacs
Tata SK 407 EX from ₹ 9.65 lacs
Tata Xenon from ₹ 9.95 lacs
Tata Ultra 912 from ₹ 10.53 lacs
Tata LPT 407 EX from ₹ 10.77 lacs
Tata ULTRA T7 from ₹ 11.04 lacs
Tata SFC 709 EX from ₹ 11.72 lacs
Tata LPT 709 EX2 from ₹ 11.78 lacs
Tata LPK 912 from ₹ 12.97 lacs
Tata LPT 1010 CRX from ₹ 12.97 lacs
Tata SK 1613 Hymiler from ₹ 13.9 lacs
Tata Ultra 1012 from ₹ 13.94 lacs
Tata LPT 1109 HEX2 from ₹ 14.28 lacs
Tata LPK 1613 Hymiler from ₹ 14.94 lacs
Tata LPK 1212 CRX from ₹ 15.09 lacs
Tata LPT 1412 from ₹ 15.6 lacs
Tata ULTRA 1412 from ₹ 17.92 lacs
Tata LPT 1613 from ₹ 18.18 lacs
Tata ULTRA 1518 from ₹ 18.98 lacs
Tata LPT 1615 from ₹ 19.29 lacs
Tata ULTRA 1518 T 5L from ₹ 21.04 lacs
Tata Ultra T.16 AMT BS6 from ₹ 21.04 lacs
Tata LPK 1618 from ₹ 23.94 lacs
Tata LPT 2518 from ₹ 24.29 lacs
Tata Signa 3518.S from ₹ 25.39 lacs
Tata Signa 4018.S from ₹ 26.17 lacs
Tata LPK 2518 from ₹ 28.19 lacs
Tata LPT 3118 from ₹ 28.79 lacs
Tata LPK 2523 HD 9S from ₹ 30.25 lacs
Tata Signa 4923.S from ₹ 31.45 lacs
Tata LPT 3718 from ₹ 31.51 lacs
Tata Prima 4928.S from ₹ 32.13 lacs
Tata LPK 2523 from ₹ 35.51 lacs
Tata Signa 3718 from ₹ 37.0 lacs
Tata LPK 3118 from ₹ 38.32 lacs

Tata Trucks Models in India

Frequently Asked Questions about Tata Trucks

What is the price range of Tata trucks in India?

Tata Motors manufactures a range of trucks across various price ranges. The cost of Tata trucks starts at Rs 3.75 lakhs for Tata Ace Gold and goes to as high as Rs 31.51 lakhs for TATA LPT 3718. Tata Ace gold is one of the most popular commercial vehicle models from the Tata stable targeted mostly at light goods operators, usually transporting fruits, vegetables, and FMCG products across a small distance. TATA LPT 3718, on the other hand, is a heavy-duty customisable truck coming with a chassis and cowl without any cabin.

Mileage is a crucial parameter in commercial vehicles, and most auto owners prefer a truck with a frugal engine delivering decent mileage in its category. Thankfully, Tata Motors rose up to this occasion and launched Tata Ace, which offers the best mileage among Tata trucks and is a game-changer in the industry. From its entry-level variant to the largest ones you will never be disappointed with the mileage of these mini trucks. The base model of Tata Ace offers a mileage of 21-22 kmpl. You can get 21 Km per kilo mileage in the CNG variant. Tata SuperAce Mint- the premium model, provides you 17.9 kmpl mileage.

In 2017, Tata Motors rolled out the most powerful truck in India- T1 Prima with 1040hp, 12-litre engine churning out a maximum power of 1040hp at 2600rpm and torque of 3500NM at 1600-2200rpm. The mill remains mated to a 16-speed gearbox with hydraulic-assisted gear shifting. It has an 80-litre aluminium fuel tank with cooler. This high-performance truck can sprint from 0 to 160 kmph in just 10 seconds.

Since its inception, Tata Motors has been one of the most trustable automobile brands in India in both passenger and commercial vehicle segment. Tata Ace is the top-selling model among the small commercial vehicles in India. After its launch in 2005, the brand has clocked more than 2 million sells in just under 15 years. It comes with a BS-IV compliant 702cc engine delivering a decent 21 bhp @ 3400 rpm and a peak torque of 49 Nm @ 2200 rpm. It can carry a payload of 605 kg and cost Rs 5.04 lakhs for the base variant.

The cheapest Tata truck is Tata Ace Gold available at a starting price of Rs 3.75 lakhs. It was launched in 2018 and is the successor of the standard Tata Ace model. This light commercial truck remains true to its name, ‘Chhota Hathi’ and can carry a maximum payload of 710 kg. It can run at a maximum speed of 60 kmph and offers a mileage of 21.5 kmpl. This mini truck is a massive hit in the rural setting in India where farmers prefer this hassle-free vehicle for transporting their fruits and vegetables to market.

There are two remarkable Loyalty Programmes for Tata commercial vehicles- Tata Emperor and TATA Delight. It helps old customers to earn reward points while purchasing new automobiles or spare parts and redeem them for a range of free gifts and vouchers. Whenever you buy a Tata vehicle, you receive an ‘Owner Card’ and 'Chassis Card' containing details about your identity and the validity period of the card.

Though Tata Motors is one of the most successful automobile brands in India, it faces fierce competition from other national and international commercial vehicle manufacturers including Ashok Leyland, BharatBenz, Eicher Motors, Force Motors, Isuzu Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, Piaggio, and Swaraj Mazda.