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CVs to pay twice the toll if RFID tags are missing

Just two days are left before all commercial vehicles entering and leaving the city of Delhi will need to have radio frequency ID tags to go past the toll barriers. Those that don’t will face the penalty of paying double the toll and environment compensation charges, the Supreme Court-appointed Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority […]

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Poor performance of commercial vehicle sales even after heavy discounts

As the automotive sector in India experiences a steep fall in sales due to the slowing economy and floods in some states, sales of trucks are among the worst hit. With mounting stocks of unsold inventory, truck manufacturers are now offering heavy discounts to push sales. In July truck sales plunged across the country. Inventory […]


Compare: Mahindra Imperio vs. Tata Xenon

We review and compare great offerings in the pickup truck segment: Mahindra Imperio vs. Tata Xenon. Mahindra Imperio’s unmatched power, modern day style, tech savvy cabin and spacious room has make it undoubtedly the market leader and with fuel smart technology, it could be used for anyone between power and mileage. Also, being low on […]