Volvo Trucks in India

Volvo is the world’s second-largest producer of heavy-duty trucks employing more than 52000 professionals in its production and sales facilities all across the globe. The Swedish auto-giant has its headquarter at Gothenburg and rolled out its first truck in 1928. The company gets its commercial vehicles assembled at factories spread across 15 countries including Sweden, Belgium, Brazil, India and the USA. Volvo started its Indian operation as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Swedish AB Volvo company in 1998 with its head office at Bangalore, in Karnataka. In the last 21 years, it has remained committed to producing world-class heavy-duty commercial vehicles keeping in mind its efficiency, uptime, safety and comfort.

Volvo manufactures a range of technologically advanced trucks, tippers, and tractors for the Indian market. Some of its top-rolling commercial vehicles include Volvo FMX 440, Volvo FH 520 Puller and Volvo FM 480. Caring for the environment is a key concern in Volvo; since 1970 they are producing Volvo trucks with a 90 per cent reduction in the emission of air pollutants and a 40 per cent decrease in fuel consumption. The Swedish auto giant has also started manufacturing Euro 6 compliant vehicles globally and BS-IV trucks in India.

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Volvo Trucks Price in India

Volvo trucks price in India starts from ₹ 1.08 lacs for its lowest priced model FM 480 and goes up to ₹ 95.0 lacs for FMX 440. Please find below the price range of all Volvo truck models.

Model Price
Volvo FM 370 -
Volvo FM 480 from ₹ 1.08 lacs
Volvo FM 440 6x4 from ₹ 70.0 lacs
Volvo FM 420 Euro-4 6x4 from ₹ 75.0 lacs
Volvo FM 400 HD from ₹ 76.51 lacs
Volvo FM 400 from ₹ 82.0 lacs
Volvo FH 520 Puller from ₹ 90.0 lacs
Volvo FMX 440 from ₹ 95.0 lacs

Volvo Trucks Models in India

Frequently Asked Questions about Volvo Trucks

What is the price range of Volvo trucks in India?

The price range for Volvo trucks in India starts from Rs 70 lakhs for FM 440 6x4 and goes to as high as Rs 1.08 crore for FM 480. FM 440 6x4 is a 125-tonnes heavy-duty commercial vehicle with a trailer body and sleeper cabin. FM 480 is an extremely powerful tipper truck extensively used for transporting mining and construction goods over a long distance. Besides, Volvo also produces 200-tonnes FH 520 Puller at Rs 90 lakhs for carrying a maximum payload capacity of 190935 kg. It is available in 3 variants in India.

Volvo has earned an acclamation all across the globe for the manufacturing of heavy commercial vehicles with cutting-edge technology mostly above 25 tonnes. The most powerful truck from the Volvo fleet is FH 520 6X4 PULLER. It gets powered by a 12.8-litre in-line 6-cylinder mill churning out a mammoth 520bhp @ 1500-1800rpm maximum power and 2500Nm @ 1050-1450rpm. The engine remains mated to a 16-speed manual transmission gearbox, and it can attain a maximum speed of 58 kmph. The air-conditioned cabin remains equipped with many advanced features, including cruise control and driver information display system.

200 tonnes FH 520 Puller has the maximum payload bearing capability in the Volvo stable. It can transport goods up to 190935 kg at a time. Volvo has designed and engineered this heavy-duty trailer in such a way that it can deliver heavy loads effortlessly. You get a unique S-shaped parabolic leaf suspension at the front end which remains approved for carrying up to 9 tonnes axle load. At the rear end, there is an outstanding 33-tonnes rear tandem axle coming with reinforced bogie suspension for further improving the load-bearing capability. The chassis has also been designed to provide the necessary traction for carrying heavy goods.

Volvo is the second-largest manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks in the entire world. Some of the high-rolling vehicles from the Volvo fleet currently running on Indian roads include Volvo FMX 440 (price starting at Rs 95 lakhs), Volvo FH 520 Puller (available at Rs 90 lakhs), and Volvo FM 480 (price range Rs 1.08 crore for the entre-level variant). All these trucks come with cutting-edge technology and utmost comfort factor for the convenience of customers).

In India, Volvo has a considerable presence in the commercial vehicle industry landscape, and are a preferred automobile producer for those clients who never compromise on the quality and performance of vehicles. Though the prices of these trucks are on the higher side, premium customers never look back while purchasing them. Volvo assures them 100 per cent satisfaction of performance, safety, comfort factors along with a 24-months warranty on their products.

The cheapest Volvo truck running on Indian roads is FM 440 6x4 available at a price range of Rs 70 lakhs. It gets powered by a six-cylinder, Euro-III, 12.8-litre engine churning out a massive 440bhp @ 1400-1800rpm and a peak torque of 2200Nm @ 1050-1400rpm. The oil burner remains mated to a 16-speed manual transmission gearbox which can attain a maximum speed of 85 kmph. The 125-tonne truck can carry a maximum weight up to 116450 kg. It has an off-roading gradeability of 32 per cent making it effective in uphill climbing and riding over rough terrain. Overall, it is an excellent heavy-duty commercial vehicle for long tours.