RTO Form 8: Application for the Addition of a New Class of Vehicle to the Driving Licence

Applicants can use RTO form 8 if they wish to add a new class of automobile to their already existing licence. It becomes useful when you want to upgrade your steering skills. Many professional drivers use this form when they gain expertise in manoeuvring commercial vehicles like trucks, buses, and road rollers after initially obtaining a licence for a two-wheeler or passenger cars. Similar to other RTO forms in the ‘Driving Licence’ category, you need to furnish the name of the issuing authority, your identity proof, select the appropriate class of vehicle, and appear for a fresh driving test to complete the application procedure successfully.

How to fill RTO Form 8 Application?

RTO form 8 remains divided into two parts. The first part includes your personal details and the selection of the correct class of vehicle, while the second part is a certificate of test for competence to drive. A representative of the issuing authority fills up the final part of this RTO form.

Documents to be Attached

Here is a list of documents which you need to enclose along with the form

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Key Factors to be considered while filling Form 8



Finally, we can say that RTO form 8 is crucial if you want to upgrade your driving skills. It helps you in adding a new class of vehicle to your licence. Candidates appear for an additional driving for successful processing of official formalities.