RTO Form 30: Report of Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle

Automobile owners require RTO Form 30 when they sell their vehicle. After you apply for the transfer the ownership of the four-wheeler to the concerned RTO, it becomes essential to report to the native RTO to conduct all formalities regarding the change of hands urgently. So, we can say that Form 30 is a confirmation of Form 29. Candidates need to apply for this document within 14 days of selling their automobile. Form 30 ensures that the new owner should take care of all legal liabilities concerning the vehicle. It also establishes that the original owner has handed over the Certificate of Registration and the Certificate of Insurance to the buyer.

How to fill RTO Form 30 Application?

RTO Form 30 has four sections. The first part contains details about the transferor, the second part includes information about the transferee, the third part is a consent from the Financier regarding the transfer of ownership, while the fourth part is an official endorsement. Detailed below is a step by step process of filling up Form 30.

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Key Factors to be considered while filling Form 30



Finally, it would be correct to say that RTO Form 30 is a confirmation of Form 29. It helps in transferring the ownership and legal liabilities concerning the vehicle from the seller to the buyer. The document also establishes that the transferor has handed over the Registration Certificate and the Insurance Copy to the transferee.