RTO Form 29: Application for Transfer of Ownership of a Vehicle

Automobile owners can decide to sell their vehicle to others due to some unavoidable circumstances. In such a scenario, you need to transfer the ownership of your motor to the buyer. RTO Form 29 will help you through the process. It establishes that the original owner has submitted all related documents concerning the insurance, RC, and PUC to the native RTO. Candidates issue two copies of this application at the native RTO for further processing.

How to fill RTO Form 29 Application?

RTO form 29 has two parts; the first part remains concerned with the personal details about the original automobile owner and the buyer. The concluding section of the form bears an official endorsement. Detailed below is a step by step process of filling up Form 29.

Documents to be Attached

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Key Factors to be considered while filling Form 29


Finally, we can say that RTO Form 29 is crucial during the sale of a motor vehicle. It aids in changing the ownership from the original registered owner to the buyer. The document also confirms that the applicant has submitted the Registration Certificate and Insurance Copy to the buyer at the time selling the vehicle.