RTO Form 1A: Application for Medical Certificate from a Registered Medical Practitioner

RTO Form 1A is the second application in the ‘Driving Licence’ category. Applicants submit this document along with the Form 1 while applying for a driving licence. The state government appoints a registered medical practitioner to conduct a thorough medical examination on candidates before filling in this application. The doctor also verifies the details furnished in form 1, through this document.

How to fill RTO Form 1A Application?

Form 1A consists of three parts- personal details along with a photograph, a declaration, and a certificate of medical fitness. The applicant fills the first part, while a registered medical practitioner certifies the second and third part. Detailed below is the step-by-step process of filling up the form.

Documents to be Attached

Detailed below is the list of documents required while filling up Form 1

Download Application for Medical Certificate of the Candidate in PDF format:

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Key Factors to be considered while filling Form 1A


Finally, we can conclude that RTO form 1A is a crucial document for applying for a driving licence. Candidates submit this application along with the form 1. Though a registered medical practitioner appointed by the state fills in most of the clauses of this document, candidates furnish personal details like the name and identification marks. Do not forget to affix your recent photograph at the right-hand corner at the top of the form.