RTO Form 1: Application-cum-Declaration as to Physical Fitness

Form 1 is the first application on the RTO list in the driving licence category. It is known as ‘Application-Cum-Declaration as to Physical Fitness’ as it checks whether the applicant has any physical disability, which can pose a threat to his driving skills. It also scrutinises whether you have any severe medical conditions like epilepsy and eyesight related disorder.

How to fill RTO Form 1 Application

RTO Form 1 has two parts. In the first part of the application, you need to input your personal details; whereas, in the final section, the applicant submits a declaration of his or her medical history. Detailed below is the step-by-step process of filling up the form.

Documents to be attached

Detailed below is the list of documents required while filling up Form 1

Sample Filled RTO Form 1

Download Application for Physical Fitness for a Motor Vehicle Driving License in PDF format:

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Key Factors to be considered while filling Form 1



Finally, we can say that form 1 is crucial for applying for a driving licence. It signifies that you have a sound physical and mental state of mind, and it is safe to give you the control of the wheels.