Kamaz Trucks in India

Founded in 1969, JSC Kamaz is a famous Russian automobile company mostly dealing with trucks and engine manufacturing. The brand was initially known as Kama River Complex of Heavy Duty Truck Production Plants, and it rolled out its first truck February 16th 1976. Since then, there was no looking back for this heavy commercial vehicle (HCV) company. Every year they produce around 43,000 trucks and export their model to the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Kamaz launched its Indian operation in 2009. In 2011 it went ahead with a joint venture with Vectra group for the production of HCV, and then in 2014, Kamaz started operating independently in India. They have their production facility at Hosur in Tamil Nadu.

Kamaz trucks are known all over the world for their rugged, robust, and reliable engine. Some of the popular commercial vehicles from the Russian auto manufacturer include Kamaz 6520 6x4, Kamaz 2523 6x4 and Kamaz 6540 8x4. They develop top quality tipper and long haulage trucks with localised components so that they can take on rough terrains of Indian roads effortlessly. Kamaz has also aligned itself with the prevalent BS-IV norms currently mandatory in the nation.

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Kamaz Trucks Price in India

Kamaz trucks price in India starts from ₹ 10.0 lacs for its lowest priced model 6520 6x4 and goes up to ₹ 27.4 lacs for 2523 6x4. Please find below the price range of all Kamaz truck models.

Model Price
Kamaz 6520 6x4 from ₹ 10.0 lacs
Kamaz 6460 6x4 from ₹ 10.0 lacs
Kamaz 6540 8x4 from ₹ 10.0 lacs
Kamaz 3123 8x4 from ₹ 10.0 lacs
Kamaz 2523 6x4 from ₹ 27.4 lacs

Kamaz Trucks Models in India

Frequently Asked Questions about Kamaz Trucks

Which are the lightest Kamaz trucks available in India?

Most of the Kamaz trucks fall under the category of HCV. They have a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) from 25 tonnes to 49 tonnes. The lightest Kamaz trucks are 6520 6x4 and 2523 6x4. Both of them comes with a GVW of 25 tonnes. However, 6520 6x4 can transport a maximum payload of 13150 kg whereas the highest payload carrying capability of 2523 6X4 is 12000 kg. Both these HCVs are sturdy tippers for transporting goods to construction and mining sites.

Since its inception, Kamaz trucks have earned an acclamation among customers for their outstanding load-bearing capabilities. 49-tonnes Kamaz 6460 6X4 comes with the maximum load-bearing capabilities of 38800 kg. It has a kerb weight of 10200 kg. Powering this commercial vehicle is a Euro-III compliant 8-cylinder Kamaz 11760cc engine churning out a mammoth 355 bhp @ 1900 rpm maximum power and a peak torque of 1570Nm @ 1300-1500rpm. The transmission duties get performed by a 16-speed manual transmission gearbox, and it can travel at a top speed of 80 kmph. Overall, it is a long haulage truck for inter-state transportation of heavy machinery or bulky products.

Kamaz trucks get designed and engineered to manifest high off-roading creditability. You can expect an off-roading gradeability of 18 per cent in Kamaz 6460 6X4 to as high as 48 per cent in 2523 6X4. The latter gets powered by BS-III compliant 6-cylinder 5900cc CuMmins mill generating a maximum power of 215 bhp @ 2500rpm and a peak torque of 800 Nm @ 1500rpm. The suspension in this tipper is taken care of by semi-elliptical leaf spring with anti-roll bar front suspension and heavy-duty bogie suspension with stabilisers at the rear end. You can take this HCV to rugged mining sites to hilly construction areas. Kamaz 2523 6X4 never disappoints you with its off-roading capabilities.

Kamaz understands the significance of comfort factors in vehicles in maintaining safety on roads. They have introduced incredible comfort features in their HCV from AC cabin at 6460 6X4, 6520 6X4 and 6540 8X4, to power steering and adjustive driver seats in most of the trucks. Kamaz commercial vehicles also remain equipped with top-quality driver information display so that every information about the automobile is at the fingertips of drivers. They also come with outstanding braking and suspension so that the truck can come to rest within a short distance, and the potholes or rough terrain do not disturb your ride.

Since its introduction to the Indian market in 2009, Kamaz trucks have been favourite commercial vehicles for transporters and entrepreneurs alike. However, they face some competition for national and international auto manufacturers include Ashok Leyland, Asia Motor Works, BharatBenz, Eicher Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, Scania, Tata Motors, and Volvo.