Eicher Trucks in India

Eicher Motors, founded in 1948, is one of the oldest automobile manufacturing companies in India. In 2008 the company entered into a joint venture with Sweden’s AB Volvo group and launched Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles Limited (VECV). They develop a range of commercial vehicles from 5 to 55 tonnes at their four state-of-the-art production plants in Pithampur, Dewas, Thane and Baggad. Some of the popular trucks from Eicher stable include Eicher Pro 1049, Eicher Pro 1059, Eicher Pro 1095, Eicher Pro 1110XP, and Eicher Pro 6037. The Pithampur manufacturing unit in Madhya Pradesh is the oldest Eicher commercial vehicles production facility which rolled out the first truck under this brand in 1986. Spread over 82 acres of land this factory has the capability of manufacturing 84,000 vehicles per annum.

Eicher values the significance of after-sales services in maintaining the longevity of trucks. It is the reason they have an extensive network of service centres where professionally trained service teams take care of your vehicles in case of any breakdowns. They have also launched Eicher On-Road Service (EOS) for facilitating the quick fixing of mechanical snags in automobiles. The company has even started ‘Eicher Sure Pre Owned Vehicles’ which is an excellent platform for buying and exchanging ‘used trucks’.

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Eicher Trucks Price in India

Eicher trucks price in India starts from ₹ 8.32 lacs for its lowest priced model Pro 1049 and goes up to ₹ 52.38 lacs for Pro 8031XM. Please find below the price range of all Eicher truck models.

Model Price
Eicher Pro 1059XP CNG -
Eicher Pro 1049 from ₹ 8.32 lacs
Eicher Pro 1055T from ₹ 8.75 lacs
Eicher Pro 1080 from ₹ 9.0 lacs
Eicher Pro 1075 CNG from ₹ 9.0 lacs
Eicher Pro 1080XP(DSD) from ₹ 9.0 lacs
Eicher Pro 1075 from ₹ 9.02 lacs
Eicher 10.75 E2 Plus from ₹ 9.3 lacs
Eicher Pro 1090 from ₹ 9.4 lacs
Eicher Pro 1080XPT from ₹ 9.5 lacs
Eicher Pro 1059 CNG from ₹ 9.7 lacs
Eicher Pro 5016 Water Tanker from ₹ 10.0 lacs
Eicher Pro 5031 from ₹ 10.0 lacs
Eicher Pro 1095 CNG from ₹ 10.1 lacs
Eicher Pro 1055 from ₹ 10.15 lacs
Eicher 10.90 E2 Plus from ₹ 10.2 lacs
Eicher Pro 1059 from ₹ 10.22 lacs
Eicher Pro 1095 from ₹ 10.24 lacs
Eicher Pro 1095XP from ₹ 10.24 lacs
Eicher Pro 1095T from ₹ 10.5 lacs
Eicher Pro 1050 from ₹ 10.76 lacs
Eicher Pro 1110 from ₹ 11.3 lacs
Eicher Pro 1059XP from ₹ 11.66 lacs
Eicher Pro 1110XP from ₹ 12.61 lacs
Eicher Pro 1110XPT from ₹ 12.61 lacs
Eicher Pro 1114XP from ₹ 13.5 lacs
Eicher Pro 3014 from ₹ 14.0 lacs
Eicher Pro 3012 from ₹ 14.0 lacs
Eicher 11.10 XP MS Container E2 Plus from ₹ 14.08 lacs
Eicher Pro 2049 from ₹ 16.4 lacs
Eicher Pro 2095 XP from ₹ 16.4 lacs
Eicher Pro 3015 from ₹ 17.31 lacs
Eicher Pro 5016 from ₹ 19.57 lacs
Eicher Pro 3016 from ₹ 20.71 lacs
Eicher Pro 5016T from ₹ 21.11 lacs
Eicher Pro 3016 AMT from ₹ 21.23 lacs
Eicher Pro 5025 from ₹ 21.26 lacs
Eicher Pro 6025 from ₹ 24.22 lacs
Eicher Pro 6040 from ₹ 25.14 lacs
Eicher Pro 6031 from ₹ 25.67 lacs
Eicher Pro 5035 from ₹ 26.72 lacs
Eicher Pro 5040 from ₹ 27.77 lacs
Eicher Pro 6037 from ₹ 28.17 lacs
Eicher Pro 6025T TM from ₹ 29.97 lacs
Eicher Pro 6049 from ₹ 30.33 lacs
Eicher Pro 8049 6x2 from ₹ 31.36 lacs
Eicher Pro 6025T from ₹ 32.23 lacs
Eicher Pro 6041 from ₹ 36.57 lacs
Eicher Pro 8031T from ₹ 46.2 lacs
Eicher Pro 8031XM from ₹ 52.38 lacs

Eicher Trucks Models in India

Frequently Asked Questions about Eicher Trucks

What is the price range of Eicher trucks in India?

The price range of Eicher trucks starts from about Rs 8.33 lakhs for Eicher Pro 1049 and goes to as high as Rs 37.19 lakhs for Eicher Pro 6037. Eicher Pro 1049 is a 4.9 tonnes mini truck with an approximate payload capacity of 2,679 kg. One of the most striking features of this truck is the presence of ABS for its hydraulic brakes for enhanced on-road safety. On the contrary, Eicher Pro 6037 is a robust BS-IV complaint 37 tonnes truck with AC cabin and many advanced features like cruise control, driver information display, and 6-way adjustable driver seats.

The 13 tonnes Eicher Pro 1110XP is one of the most popular trucks from the Eicher stable. It comes with Advanced Fuel Combustion Technology and Hexadrive Transmission providing best-in-class mileage. Powering the vehicle is a 4-cylinder 4-valve Eicher E494 high-performance CRS BSIV 3298cc engine churning out 135bhp @ 2600 rpm and a peak torque of 450 Nm @ 1200-1800 rpm. It is an excellent vehicle for transporting agricultural goods, small machinery, and FMCG products over a long distance. You get 21 variants in Eicher Pro 1110XP, and it can carry a payload of 10056 kg.

Pro 1049 offers the best mileage amongst the commercial vehicles developed by Eicher. You can expect up to 10.8 kmpl mileage in this 5 tonnes truck coming with a 60 litres fuel tank. Beating at the heart of Pro 1049 is a BS-IV compliant 3298cc engine delivering a decent 95 bhp @ 2600 rpm and a peak torque of 300 Nm @ 1200 -1800 rpm. The mill remains mated to a 5-speed manual transmission gearbox. The rugged and reliable components of Pro 1049 ensures minimum maintenance and helps you transport vegetables, FMCG products, and white goods to market places.

The cheapest truck from the Eicher stable is Pro 1049 available at a price range of Rs 8.33 lakhs for the base variant. It is a remarkable commercial vehicle for last-mile connectivity. The compact size of this highly useful 4.9 tonnes truck makes it easy to manoeuvre through narrow lanes and corner. PRO 1055T at Rs 8.75 lakhs is another cost-effective customisable 6025 tonnes truck from Eicher. It gets rolled out from the factory only with a chassis and cowl, without any cabin.

Yes, there are three preferred models of Eicher trucks which are also available in CNG version. You get 6.45 tonnes Pro 1059 as CNG variant at a price range of Rs 9.7 lakhs. Additionally, there are two more trucks in CNG version- 7.45 tonnes PRO 1075 CNG and 9.7 tonnes PRO 1095 CNG. All these trucks also come with a four-cylinder, BS-IV compliant mill delivering 83 bhp power and 230 Nm peak torque.

It is a fact that Eicher Motors has built trust among automobile owners through their relentless services and continuous endeavour for perfection year after years. However, there are some other brands offering competition to Eicher vehicles like Ashok Leyland, BharatBenz, Force Motors, Isuzu Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, Piaggio, Swaraj Mazda, and Tata Motors.