BharatBenz Trucks in India

Founded in 2012, BharatBenz embarked on a journey in India with a vision of transforming the commercial vehicles landscape in the country. The brand with German roots has a proven lineage of invention, innovation, and engineering excellence. It is a part of Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV), which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the famous Daimler AG group. Each BharatBenz truck comes with cutting-edge technology and rugged build offering relentless service year after years. They develop an array of medium and heavy commercial vehicles from 9 tonnes to 49 tonnes for the Indian market. Since 2015, the entire truck range of BharatBenz remains equipped with BS-IV compliant engines.

Within 7 years of induction, the manufacturer has already established a pan-Indian network of more than 141 touchpoints for the after-sales service of their vehicles. They are continually enhancing their presence at the tier-2 and tier-3 cities and towns of India. The continuous endeavour of the manufacturers offering only the best in Truck-o-nomics has won them the prestigious ‘Flywheel Commercial Vehicles Manufacturers of the Year’ award in 2018. BharatBenz 1617R was also the winner of MCV cargo carrier of the Year in 2018.

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BharatBenz Trucks Price in India

BharatBenz trucks price in India starts from ₹ 10.2 lacs for its lowest priced model 5528T and goes up to ₹ 39.1 lacs for 2528CM. Please find below the price range of all BharatBenz truck models.

Model Price
BharatBenz 5528T from ₹ 10.2 lacs
BharatBenz MD 914R from ₹ 10.92 lacs
BharatBenz MD 1214RE from ₹ 12.6 lacs
BharatBenz 1217C from ₹ 12.65 lacs
BharatBenz 2823R from ₹ 12.65 lacs
BharatBenz 1617R from ₹ 13.88 lacs
BharatBenz MD 1014R from ₹ 14.42 lacs
BharatBenz MD 1214R from ₹ 15.83 lacs
BharatBenz 1414R from ₹ 17.17 lacs
BharatBenz 1623C from ₹ 17.84 lacs
BharatBenz 2523R from ₹ 21.17 lacs
BharatBenz 3123R from ₹ 22.27 lacs
BharatBenz 4023T from ₹ 24.68 lacs
BharatBenz 2523 6x4 from ₹ 27.4 lacs
BharatBenz 3128C from ₹ 27.67 lacs
BharatBenz 2528C from ₹ 29.7 lacs
BharatBenz 2528 from ₹ 29.78 lacs
BharatBenz 2523C from ₹ 31.53 lacs
BharatBenz 4928T from ₹ 31.72 lacs
BharatBenz 3723R from ₹ 32.69 lacs
BharatBenz 3128 CM from ₹ 33.06 lacs
BharatBenz 2528CM from ₹ 39.1 lacs

BharatBenz Trucks Models in India

Frequently Asked Questions about BharatBenz Trucks

What is the price range for BharatBenz trucks in India?

The cost of BharatBenz trucks starts from Rs 10.93 lakhs for MD 914R and goes to as high as Rs 43.60 lakhs for 2528CM. They develop a range of commercial vehicles from medium-duty trucks, heavy-duty haulage, to trippers, and tractors. The rugged built of BharatBenz trucks coupled with an adequate number of service stations at most of the cities in India ensures that you get maximum value for money after owning these commercial vehicles. MD 914R is a light-medium sized truck available in 12 variants, while 2528CM is an excellent tipper available in 2 configurations.

Some of the popular trucks from the BharatBenz stable include BharatBenz 1217, BharatBenz 3123 and BharatBenz 1617R. 13-tonnes 1217 is an outstanding tipper extensively used for the transport of construction materials. It is available at a starting price range of 13.87 lakhs and comes with two variants. It can carry a maximum payload of 8080 kg and run at a speed of up to 81 kmph. 3123 is another excellent medium-heavy weight truck with an ex-showroom price of Rs 22.41 lakhs. It has a box body and has a maximum payload bearing capacity of 22750 kg. 1617R is also a perfect goods carrier with a range of highly advanced features including airconditioned sleeper cabin.

BharatBenz MD 914R comes with an impressive mileage of 9kmpl. This 9.6-tonne truck comes with BS-IV compliant 4D34i 3907 cc engine churning out 140 bhp @ 2500 rpm maximum power and a peak torque of 420 Nm @ 1500-2000 rpm. The mill remains mated to a 6-speed manual transmission gearbox. It has a 200 litres fuel tank, and you can drive it at a maximum speed of 80 kmph. The medium-duty truck has a gradeability of 24.5 per cent so you can effortlessly use it on off-road conditions where you need to undertake steep climbs.

BharatBenz 5528T boast of a highest Gross Vehicular Weight (GVW) of 55 tonnes. It is customisable heavy-duty tractor truck extensively used for the transport of voluminous goods over a long distance. Beating at the heart of 5528T is a BS-IV compliant DE210 6372 cc engine churning out a mammoth 281 bhp @ 2200 rpm and a peak torque of 1120 Nm @ 1200 - 1600 rpm. The mill remains mated to a 9-speed manual transmission gearbox, and the truck can run at a maximum speed of 80 kmph. The suspension duties are taken care of by parabolic type leaf-spring front absorbers and inverted semi-elliptic rear absorber so that even the worst potholes does not damage your products.

MD 914R is the cheapest truck from the BharatBenz stable. This 9.6-tonne truck is available at a price range of Rs 10.93 lakhs. It gets closely followed by 12.8-tonnes MD 1214RE -introduced at a price range of Rs 12.60 lakhs. All the medium-duty trucks from the BharatBenz stable are a favourite amongst transporters thanks to their durable body which ensures maximum uptime of vehicles. They come with BS-IV compliant engines and churns out best-in-class power for timely delivery of goods through smooth as well as rugged terrains at the rural setting of India. Presence of e-viscous fan at the engine keeps the temperature under control and offers excellent fuel efficiency.

You can count on the BharatBenz trucks without any worries as vehicles manufactured at their factories get tested at three different speeds at their cutting-edge test track before rolling out to the showroom. The testing facility also has a steep elevation track and even includes a bump-track with 40,832 cobblestones so that you can drive these automobiles without any challenges over the rugged landscape of India. Moreover, the company also offers 6-years Warranty on HDT trucks to keep you stress-free.

BharatBenz has significantly transformed the commercial vehicle landscape in India since its inception in 2012. However, some other automobile giants are offering fierce competition to the company including, Ashok Leyland, Force Motors, Eicher Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, Piaggio, Swaraj Mazda, Tata Motors, and Volvo.