Ashok Leyland Comparison TATA trucks

Which is The Best: Tata 3718 or Ashok Leyland 3718?


Tata 3718 is the forerunner among the various categories and types of trucks run by Tata. These are already marking a significant presence on the roads of India and scaling a noticeable distance. Starting with the engine, it’s based on SCR technology and has been recorded to produce a maximum power of 177HP. The wheels in this truck are 14 in count and the warranty paper gives a time span of 6 years. While scrolling through the options, you are bound to stumble upon two features. Those are pusher lift axle and tag lift axle. Drive modes in heavy and light categories enables driving at a good power which varies according to the load. Hence, it offers a desirable mileage. Also, there are two wheelbase options in this. The deck length has been found to be varying from 27.5ft and 27ft. There’s still another one which boasts of both a cowl option and a built-up Signa cabin option. There is a preinstalled blower in this. AC can be added if the customer wants so.

Moving to the numbers that measure the feature of this for us, we have the GVW of the engine as 37000kg. The exact technology used in the same is Cummins ISBe 5.9 CRDi SCR Technology. The power of the engine has a number of 177HP at 2500rpm. Maximum Torque is 700 Nm at 1200-1700rpm. The table of details has a recorded axis configuration of 10*2. Also, the vehicle configuration comprises of face cowl and chassis, cabin and chassis, cabin with load body options. The load body options comprise of a fixed side deck, high side deck and a bulker. The service interval has been claimed to be 80,000 Km.

Now, providing you the data of the same features and in what ways they differ from Ashok Leyland 3718. First comes the difference in the engines. The engine of Ashok Leyland 3718 has been developed based on iEGR technology. The advantage that comes with this is that it doesn’t require ad-blue consumption to meet BSIV emissions norms. The maximum power offered by this is 180 HP which is very slightly more than that offered by Tata3718. The maximum torque has been designed to be 660Nm. The cabin options here are same as that in Tata3718. The deck comes in two lengths 27.5ft & 29.5ft. A positive point about this is that it has a special quality Michelin X-Guard tyres that offer better mileage. Other fitment that can be termed as standard ones are air brakes and power steering. Axle configuration here is the same as Tata 3718. The vehicle configuration comprises of Face Cowl and Chassis. Warranty of this commodity is 4years that is 2 years less than Tata 3718. It has also got an additional pusher lift axle and there is an option unitized wheel bearing.

Engine Performance

In both the systems, the fuel injection system is Common Rail. The engine displacement in Tata 3718 and Ashok Leyland 3718 is 5883cc and 5660cc respectively. The engine cylinders are 6 in both. The fuel type is diesel in both but the fuel capacity for Tata 3718 varies around 300 litres to 365 litres and is less than that of Ashok Leyland which is 400 litres. The Gradeability is 20% for Tata 3718 and it is 16.3% for Ashok Leyland 3718.

Looking at the design and configuration

Talking about Tata 3718, the Kerb Weight is 9445 Kg. The loading span in pusher axle option is 27.5ft while in tag axle option, it is 27ft. The cabin type has been name as Sigma Sleeper cabin. The mechanism for Cabin Tilt is Hydraulic tilt. The chassis frame can be defined as ladder type having cross members. Moving to the descriptions of the axle, the front axle is a Forged I Beam, Twin steer axle of the type Reverse Elliot. The rear axle gets it’s descriptions as a RA 110 LD pusher lift axle. The front suspension is a parabolic leaf spring which comes with shock absorbers which are telescopic. The rear suspension is a semi-elliptical leaf spring which has a Bell crank mechanism. The tyres also have an option to be tubeless. The wheel base is 6750 mm for the pusher axle and it is 6255 mm for the tag axle. The diameter covered by the turning circle is 21.9 m and the ground clearance that it provides is 278 mm. The front overhang is 1260 mm and the rear overhang is 2155 mm for pusher axle and 800 mm for tag axle. The front track covered is 2086 mm and the rear track being covered is 1817 mm. The depth, flange width and the thickness of the chassis are 285 mm, 65 mm and 7 mm respectively.

Now having a glimpse of the design and configuration of Ashok Leyland 3718, we see that it has no cabin. The chassis frame can be described to be ladder type which is joggled bolted with cross members. The front axle in this case is Forged I Beam, twin steer axle which is of a reverse elliot type. The rear axle is a single-speed hypoid gears axle. Both the front and rear suspensions in this are found to be Semi elliptical leaf springs. The wheel base is 6600 mm in this case which falls somewhere between that of the pusher and tag axle base measurements of Ashok Leyland 3718. The turning circle diameter is 23.7 m and the ground clearance offered by it is 260 mm. The front track, rear track, chassis depth, chassis flange width and chassis thickness are 2054 mm, 1870 mm,275 mm,90 mm and 6 mm respectively.

Comforts and conveniences

The cabin is fully suspended in Tata 3718 and there is a power steering. The adjustment of the steering is tilt and telescopic and the driver seat is adjustable in 6 ways. There’s an option for air conditioner as well.

There is no air conditioner or steering adjustments in Ashok Leyland 3718. 

Safety comes as another vital measurement

There are air brakes with automatic adjustment in Tata 3718 and also there are graduated spring brakes controlled by valves which are the parking brakes in the same. On the other hand, Ashok Leyland 3718 has simple brakes for the general ones and the parking brakes are pneumatic flip brakes operated by valves.

There are exhaust brakes, ABS, seat belts and reverse parking buzzer in Tata 3718. Tubeless tires are optional in the same and there are none in Ashok Leyland 3718.

So, by weighing all the parameters and looking at the most concerning ones, we conclude that Tata 3718 is obviously a better option in many ways as it has more options in certain offers than Ashok Leyland 3718. Especially, when it comes to safety, Tata 3718 is providing quite a number of features.

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