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Wearing a lungi in UP while driving? Pay a fine of Rs. 2,000!

Uttar Pradesh has decided to come down hard on the easygoing lungi, a comfortable piece of clothing worn by truck drivers across the country.

According to the new provisions made in the Motor Vehicles Act, a strict dress code needs to be finally followed, which has actually been in existence, but never really implemented. Commercial vehicle drivers, and their help, will have to shell out Rs. 2,000, in the event they are caught wearing a lungi while driving.

The new mandate issues that an attire of full length trousers, along with a shirt or a t-shirt will have to be sported by the drivers while the vehicle is on the road. Along with that, shoes need to be worn as well. There are also talks of school buses and van drivers to wear a designated uniform under this Act.

Poornendu Singh, ASP (Traffic), Lucknow, says, “The Motor Vehicles Act always had a dress code segment since 1939, and after amendment of the act in 1989, violation of the dress code had a fine of Rs. 500. Now, a fine of Rs 2,000 will be imposed for dress code violation under Section 179 of the MV Act, 2019.”

According to Singh, this fine is also applicable to school drivers. As per the additional transport commissioner of UP Gangaphal, “Under the law, driving trucks, tractors and other such heavy and light commercial vehicles wearing lungi and vest is not permitted. One must wear full pants, proper shirt and closed shoes. The rule applies to helpers or conductors too.” He added that the rule holds up for government vehicle drivers as well, and if they violate the same, they will be equally penalised.

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