Truck Tips Quick Read

Improve Your Truck’s Mileage With These Tricks

To start off, we can say that trucks hold that unique place in your business to help it grow and run smoothly and efficiently for a long period of time. However, owning a vehicle could not just be it. It also requires some further maintenance for it to last long years without any problems. We often notice that after a few months of buying a vehicle, there are some minor and at times major problems for which we need to take it to a servicing centre. On the other hand, a little can be done manually from our end too to reduce the part of the damage to the precious commercial trucks. Here are a handful number of tips mentioned to aid you with the same problem:

  • Avoid over speeding

    It is best advised that you must take it smooth and slow with your pedal. Almost all the drivers in India tend to lose their patience due to the bad traffic and therefore, empty roads lead them to rush their vehicles at high speeds, thus technically damaging the engine. Also, the faster you drive the more petrol you waste since there is more pressure on the engine of your vehicle for which it needs to consume more power. On the other hand, when you need to stop the vehicle, try letting the vehicle slow on and stop on its own rather than suddenly pulling on the brakes. To initiate this, you can stop your vehicle a few distances away from the front vehicle in traffic.

  • Be mindful of what fuel you use

    Try to stick by the fuel that works best for your vehicle according to the claims of the manufacturer. There will be many ads and people suggesting that this and that petrol works best in the market but you really need to follow what your vehicle can digest. The manufacturer knows the bits and parts of your vehicle and has designed, tried and tested the same with a particular fuel type so it is best advised to follow his instructions.

  • Avoid unnecessary accessories

    In order to make your vehicle look good and increase efficiency, many truck owners tend to install roof racks and other storage accessories. No doubt, these accessories are quite handy but they also unnecessarily increase the weight of the vehicle which causes it to drag. This, in turn, causes a lot of fuel consumption as well. Try avoiding such accessories therefore in order to increase the longevity of your truck.

  • Keep a check on your tyres

    Always keep a check on your tires and that if they’re inflated with the right pressure or not. Many truck drivers do not take much note of the same and do not go through regular checkups as well. This, in turn, causes accidents at times and over time, the quality of the tires degrade due to low maintenance. There are plenty of devices in the market available that now allow you to check and keep a track of your tire pressure constantly. In this way, you can stay updated about the situations and consequences.

  • Regulate your AC usage

    We all know how hot, humid and irritating it gets in traffic and to solve the same we turn our ACs for long periods of time. Try avoiding this habit as this consumes a lot of fuel and also is damaging to your car’s engine. Let it breathe while it can. You should turn off the engine whenever you halt for 2-3 minutes. There are always better alternatives and we can always opt for them in order to increase the lifespan of our trucks.

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