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TATA Intra: A Detailed Review

The usage of mini trucks have been increasing with time in a country like India. In order to enhance the servicing system, the very well known company TATA has manufactured a brand new vehicle in the recent days. TATA Intra was launched on May 22, 2019. Through this article, not only will we understand how this mini commercial vehicle is beneficial for the day to day services but also the five main features that would catch all eyes.

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Tata Intra Price in India

The TATA Intra series has manufactured two different models, namely TATA Intra V10 and TATA Intra V20. Although they are of the same series, there are some specifications that vary between the two models which is the reason for a change in price. The price for Tata Intra V10 starts from Rs. 5.35 Lakh, and the price for Tata Intra V20 starts from Rs. 5.85 Lakh.

Tata Intra Mileage

Tata Intra comes with a mileage of 21 kmpl, with 2110 kg and 2300 kg as Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) for the V10 and V20 variants respectively.

Tata Intra Specification and Performance

The TATA Intra is an upgrade from the TATA Ace by all factors. This vehicle can be used as both, a workhorse and also ​a stylish and comfortable personal vehicle. The new Tata Intra comes with a bunch of traveller car-like parts, each outside yet as within.

With the exterior designing, a large front grille with a chrome slat has be situated between the clear glass head-lights onto which indicators have been installed. The new Intra comes with a strong bumper along with a wide central airdam onto which fog lamps are integrated on. The wheels are of 14 inches and are made up of steel. In addition to the style sector, this vehicle is manually operable with ORVMs and double wipers.


Coming to the interiors, a well spaced out cabin has been fixed by keeping comfort in mind. The gear has been attached to the dashboard which is right below the AC vent, making it easier for the driver to change gears. Some basic features that have also been installed in this mini truck are charging system, lockable glove box, music system, AC vent, AUX-IN and a USB port, etc.


Powered with a 1.4 L Direct Injection, the V20 runs on a 1396 cc engine at 4000 rpm with a torque of 140 Nm at 1800-3000 rpm. This comes with a 5 – speed gearbox which is operated with a cable shift mechanism.

Whereas, the V10 is powered with an 800 cc, with the help of a two – cylinder motor. This mini truck develops a bhp of 39 at 3750 rpm and 90 Nm at 1750 – 2500 rpm, and is mated with a 4 – speed gearbox.

The additional two cylinders gives the engine more power and hence the displacement also increases. Torque is what helps climb steep hills and also helps in pulling a heavy load which is automatically accompanied by power. The ability to climb slopes is known as ‘gradeability’. This is very important as there may come a situation where a truck may have to use all of its power to either pull itself or pull another vehicle. Payload obviously has more importance when it comes to a commercial vehicle. All of this put together, the prices are decided in the end accordingly.

Given below is a shorter way to understand the differences between these two multi-purpose mini trucks.


TATA Intra V10

TATA Intra V20

No. of Cylinders



Displacement (cc)



Max. Power (bhp)



Max. Torque (Nm)



Gradeability (%)



Payload (kg)



Price (Rs.)



The dimensions of the loading area is one of the most important things to know about while not only purchasing a mini truck, but when it comes to buying any type of commercial truck. This is so that the customer can know how much goods can be loaded in one go. Hence, more the better. With the TATA Intra, you get a loading deck area of 2512 mm length, 1602 mm width and a depth of 463 mm.

Tata Intra Available Colours

The TATA Intra comes colour coated with a beautiful metallic cyan. This is one of the very few trucks that is eye catching in India. The gorgeous colour makes this mini commercial truck very attractive.

So here it is! The newest and most recent launch of TATA, the TATA Intra. With the two models to choose from, the car like interiors, the mechanism of the engine, the warranty and servicing will go a long way.