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Registration renewal for old vehicles now eight times more expensive

From April 1, 2022, the fees of vehicle registration renewal are increasing by eight times. This will make it difficult for commercial vehicle owners to renew their vehicle registration. The renewal of the registration is necessary to get a fitness certificate for vehicles. For vehicles that are older than 15 years, this fitness certificate is compulsory.

The notice regarding this was issued by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways on Monday. Vehicle owners who own buses or trucks will now be required to pay the amount of Rs. 12500 to get a renewal certificate. Whereas earlier such vehicle owners had to pay only Rs. 1,500 only for registration renewal. The same applies to private vehicle owners also. Car owners whose vehicles are more than the age of 15 years will be now required to pay the renewal fees of Rs. 5000. Earlier, the registration amount for the same was Rs. 600 only.

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This decision has been taken by the government to reduce the number of old vehicles on the road. With the increase in the vehicle registration of the old vehicle, it will now be hard to maintain an old vehicle.

The vehicle owners will have to ensure that they do not make delays in making registration renewals. For commercial vehicles, there will be a fine of Rs. 500 for commercial vehicles. Similarly, the fine of Rs. 50 per day will be imposed if there is a delay in getting a fitness certificate.

As per the latest vehicle scrappage policy, commercial vehicle owners will have to get a fitness certificate after 8 years of the age of the vehicle. This fitness test must be taken and passed once every year as per revised rules. Fitness tests are taken to determine that the condition of the vehicles is fit to run on the road. For this, the government is planning to set up automated testing centres. This will solve the problem of corruption in the testing centres. In the manual mode, the tests can be rigged and results manipulated, which will not be the case in automated centres.

This new decision will, however, not have an impact on the vehicle owners of Delhi. This is because vehicles over the age of 15 years have been completely banned here. This comes in the effect of the latest order passed by Delhi Transport Department which bans diesel vehicles over 10 years of age and petrol vehicles over 15 years of age.

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