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Truck driver in Odisha fined a whopping Rs. 86,500

The new Motor Vehicles Act has been into effect for less than a week now, but the fines being doled out have been skyrocketing. In a recent incident, a truck driver in Odisha was issued a hefty challan of Rs. 86,500 by the Sambalpul Regional Transport Office. This fine levied has been the highest so far, ever since the revised Act has been implemented.

Image Courtesy: India Today

Ashok Jadav, the truck driver who was fined, managed to bring the amount down to Rs. 70,000, on account of carrying certain documents with him which he was able to provide to the authorities. The fine was issued on September 3, and the truck was released back to him on September 6 after Jadav paid the fine. The truck belonged to BLA Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., located at Ministerial Hill in Kohima, Nagaland.

Ashok Jadav was booked under allowing an unauthorised person to drive the vehicle, overloading, driving without a licence, carrying over dimension projections and a general offence. The truck was stopped by the Sambalpur RTO as it was making its way to Chhattisgarh, from Talcher of Angul district. The image of the challan has been doing the rounds on social media.

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