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Maruti Suzuki Super Carry: A Perfect Choice for Small Business Owners

Yet another marvellous creation from the well-trusted Maruti Suzuki, the Maruti Suzuki Super Carry, a powerful mini truck that will give your business a unique identity, and take you forward in the direction of your dreams. From the engine type, to the comfort level, experience everything one notch up, with the Maruti Suzuki Super Carry.

Stability in the Super Carry is just too good not to mention about. The large and stable deck gives an extra edge due to its better loading capacity and great stability. The larger size of the deck not only ensures more carry volume, but also more profit ultimately. The broad wheelbase (2110 mm) assists the truck with better stability for heavy loads. The adjustability of the deck makes it easier to load and unload goods. The attached hooks on the deck help perfectly secure goods, and thus ensures minimal product damage.

With the easy handling, Super Carry never gives the feel of a heavy load, driving around. Its car-like gear shift provides the driver an experience of driving at greater ease. The bigger dimension and the lighter weight of the steering wheel of the mini truck enables better comfort and smooth control. Manoeuvring through narrow lanes would never be a Himalayan task with the compact turning radius of 4.3m in the Super Carry. The string and sturdy strut assembly enhances stability, improves manoeuvrability and offers better ride quality.  The leaf spring suspension that is sturdy and powerful, helps to achieve the better load bearing capacity.

With special attention been given to the safety features, Super Carry ensures safety of the goods, as well as the passengers. The strong steel front panel and the strong chassis frame help in reducing collision impact and make the vehicle extremely sturdy, respectively. The Load Sensing Proportioning Valve(LSPV) breaking system emphasises on safety, by adjusting the pressure of the brakes in accord with the weight of the load. The presence of a Stepney tyre, battery lock and large, sturdy outside rear view mirrors also add on to the list of safety inclusions.

The comfort that the Super Carry offers makes long journeys shorter and less tiresome. The adjustable feature of the driver’s seat, helps provide the driver a smooth drive. The extra legroom in the cabin also gives an illusion of fewer restrictions in the small area. The specially designed heat resistant seats never let the engine’s heat affect the driver’s seat.

With 5 speed transmission, the Super Carry guarantees greater savings and larger profits. Not just that, but the superior mileage offered by Super Carry also lets you reach the extra miles with utter ease. With a 30 litre fuel tank, a 740 kg payload and a 860 kg kerb, the Maruti Suzuki Super Carry is one of the best on road.

For a strong stride ahead, the Super Carry is fit with a powerful engine. Incorporated with the S-CNG technology, Super Carry now provides better value for money. A micro-switch on the fuel lid of the mini truck cuts off fuel supply preventing accidental starting of the vehicle during CNG refuelling. Super Carry also does have a better pick-up, higher load carrying capacity and 5 speed transmission, with a top speed up to 80 km/h.

That’s not all! The glory of the Super Carry continues further. The new variant of the Super Carry Cab-Chassis, also gives you the freedom to customize this mighty mini truck based on your diverse business needs. Any kind of a light-duty automobile, and you customize the Super Carry as per your need.

On top of all the mentioned features, the Super Carry is a product of one of the most trusted automobile companies in India. What more does one need in a mini truck when here stands the Super Carry ticking almost all the boxes one looks into!

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