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HumSafer app launched to incentivise drivers for safe trucking

The Pune-based HumSafer foundation has launched a mobile application to motivate truckers for safe driving by giving them incentives. This app will reward truck drivers for safe driving for every 10 km. The app will credit the amount of Rs 1.50 through UPI to the truck driver for safe driving every 10 km. This will motivate truck drivers to cultivate safe habits of driving.

Regarding this, the co-founder of the company Sumedh Mane said, “We work on the pain points of the drivers that are not otherwise addressed. On a driver level, the majority of accidents are caused by bad driving practices that are passed down — drowsiness because of long-distance hauls with no breaks and lastly, confusion on whom to call during the golden hour of an emergency. At a more holistic level, there is a 30 percent deficit of drivers in India while all the others have no formal training, unions or security in the profession. HumSafer is designed to overcome these issues by using gamification to understand motivation, incentives, and rewards, our unique offerings set us apart from any other safety app in the market.”

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This mobile application has features that constantly reminds truck drivers to drive safely. Also, with the help of this app, insurance and medical aid is also provided to truck drivers after registering on the platform. The app also provides a 24×7 helpline for providing roadside assistance. One of the other features of the app is that it shares the live location of the drivers with a few selected contacts and family. The app also has the community page for sharing and discussing complaints of drivers in the community.

The registration in this application can be done with the simple steps of uploading the Aadhar card of any driver. The owners of the company have said that every driver can earn upto Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 by registering in this app and driving safe. This will improve the driving behavior of the drivers and ensure the reduction in the number of road accidents in India.

The co-founder of the company Jehaan Kotwal in this respect, said, “Having been a trucker for most of his life, my father and his hardships was the inspiration behind this endeavour. He spent hours on the road with no safety, insurance or communication with his family. The life of a trucker in India is hard, dangerous and marginalised. When I joined the company nine years ago, I made it a point to go on the road and actually experience the issues drivers face as it is impossible to predict sitting in an office. Moreover, 400 accidents with a majority on national highways, go unheard or unnoticed is not a statistic I am comfortable with. I was motivated to create a safety app that addresses issues in real time while bringing the instances of road accidents to zero.”

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