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How Should You Choose Between a Light Duty and a Heavy Duty Truck?

Trucks are used in multiple ways. To carry goods, to supply essential resources, to pick something up, and so many other reasons for which trucks are the first thing that comes to the mind. For each type of work, a specific truck needs to be used. If the purpose of using a truck is for something minor, then a light duty truck will satisfy the job. But if the work that needs to be done is immense, then a heavy duty truck is just the right vehicle for the job.

Let us first understand what each of them are exactly used for.

Light Duty Trucks

There are multiple types of trucks that comes under this section. Vans, mini vans, sport utility vehicles, pick up trucks, etc all come under the category of light duty trucks. Such trucks are used in and around the city. These trucks have a lower fuel economy standards than compared to cars. The usage of these trucks is mainly for utilitarian purposes rather than for personal use. But vehicles such as minivans and vans can be used as a personal vehicle as well as commercial vehicle.

Heavy Duty Trucks

These trucks are made for long journeys on the highways as well as in and around the city areas. They are very strong and rigid and are made to do harsh work. The types of trucks that come under this category are dump trucks, concrete mixers, garbage trucks, etc. Any truck that doesn’t need the help of a trailer to help pull it is considered to be a heavy duty truck. Such trucks are manufactured mainly for industrial purposes, keeping in mind the heavy equipment that needs to be transported from one place to another.

The Differences in Detail 

  1. The light duty trucks run on petrol engine where the speed is essential for the travels whereas the heavy duty trucks run on diesel engines and they provide maximum power and torque.
  2. Light duty vehicles are designed in an aerodynamic way and heavy duty trucks are designed to carry maximum payload.
  3. Light duty vehicles are made to be used only on roads but with heavy duty trucks, they can be used for on-road as well as off-road.
  4. Light duty trucks have less clearance than compared to heavy duty trucks.
  5. Heavy duty trucks has a lot of storage but light duty trucks can carry only a minimum amount of load.
  6. Hydraulic Cylinders- The basic design for each truck is different due to the functioning. The materials used for heavy duty trucks are different compared to that of a light duty truck. Both trucks are made up of different materials. The reliability quotient isn’t the same for both because heavy duty trucks are stronger and more rigid than the other, and also because heavy duty trucks are made for harsh work.
  7. Heavy duty vehicles consume a lot of fuel while light duty vehicles don’t.
  8. Light duty vehicles are meant to travel only short distances whereas heavy duty vehicles are capable to travel long distances.
  9. Heavy duty trucks are priced at a higher rate than light duty trucks because of its functioning and productivity.
  10. The mileage of a heavy duty truck is much more than a light duty truck.

So here are the ten major differences between a light duty vehicle and a heavy duty vehicle. How to choose between them? That depends on various factors. The specific work that needs to be done, the area where the work needs to be done, the budget of the customer, assess if the truck will satisfy your needs, understand what kind of truck is exactly needed in order to accomplish the work entirely.

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