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Delhi Transport Minister appeals to fleet operators to switch fleet operations to electric

In a bid to overcome the hazards on the environmental impact of the pollutant released by the commercial vehicles in Delhi, the State’s Transport Minister led by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has urged the fleet operators to convert 50% of their commercially owned fleet to electric by the year of 2023. This comes in the wake of the background of the passage of the Electric Vehicle policy passed during the month of August in the previous year, which allowed for the movement of the electric vehicles across the city to ply in all hours. At present, the movement of Electric Vehicles is restricted on the roads during the peak hours of traffic to not let the difficulties of traffic congestion prevail.

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The appeal of Delhi’s Transport Minister in this context is monumental in the direction of incentivizing the movement of electric vehicles on the road by the commercial fleet operators. Further, the minister has expressed the desire of the Delhi government to shift the entire fleet of the city to electric by the year 2025. Stating this, the Minister has also expressed the laying down of the plan, which will reduce the rate of interest on the loan of the Electric Vehicles by 5%. This subvention scheme will be offered through the Delhi Finance Corporation. Further, he announced that this scheme was in its advanced stage of drafting and will be announced before the public very soon.

He also added that the draft intended to ensure the ease of access of finance to the fleet companies who can avail the financial support on all range of electric vehicles. Expressing on the desire with ensuring the smooth transitioning of the commercial vehicles to Electric Vehicles, the Minister further added that switching the fleet from the traditional to electric vehicles will positively impact the economic prospects of the fleet operators when a two-wheeler fleet owner can save up to the number of Rs. 22000 annually by making a switch of their fleet operations into electric ones. Further, he also stated that the initiative was crucial in the direction of achieving better air quality of the national capital.

Celebrating the seventh week of the ‘ Switch Delhi’ campaign, the minister further emphasized that the Electric Vehicle Policy of Delhi was one of the most favorable across India to facilitate the transition of the commercial vehicles into electric ones by providing for the financial incentives, exemptions for the restrictions of new entry, and reduction in the interests of loan. Earlier, the Delhi Chief Minister had expressed the intention of the Delhi government to buy Electric Vehicles only for its fleet operations, along with asserting the impact of the new EV policy to roll out new 6000 Electric Vehicles on the roads of Delhi in the month of February of this year.

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