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CV fitness certificate now for Rs. 1,500 in West Bengal

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The West Bengal state government announced a one-time rebate to commercial vehicle owners to get the fitness certificate for their vehicles renewed for Rs. 1,500 only by February 29. Currently, non renewal of commercial vehicles’ fitness certificate can warrant a fine of up to Rs. 1 Lakh.

As per an announcement by the state Transport Department, all RTOs across West Bengal will hold special camps that will test the fitness of commercial vehicles for Rs. 1,500 without any fine. This process can be done by either applying online, or with a visit to the Regional Transport Office.

This move has come after the state government’s realization that there are many commercial vehicles plying on the roads without a renewed fitness certificate. This one time rebate has come into play in order to manage such vehicles.

According to an official from the Transport Department, “We have almost 1.5 lakh commercial vehicles, which didn’t go through the fitness test timely. Many vehicles now have to give penalty up to Rs 80,000 to Rs 1 lakh. We do not have such a strong enforcement team to seize those vehicles and collect the fines. But, those vehicles are plying almost without any hindrance and the government exchequer is bearing the loss. So, we decided to give a one-time rebate for all the vehicles and save some money,”.

The official added, “Not only that, without the certificate of fitness, the government does not has the up-to-date data of these vehicles. In many accidents, we see the vehicle involved has no Fitness Certificate. Thus, for safety reason also, we decided to bring all vehicles under proper fitness checking,”. As per the official, the government stands to earn more than Rs. 50 crore if the commercial vehicles follow through on the fitness tests.

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