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CNG Conversion Kits: The main points you should know before buying one

CNG or Compressed Natural Gas is one of the most environment-friendly and contamination-free fuels available for vehicles in today’s market. Many auto owners are now considering switchover to CNG based system instead of conventional fuels (petrol and diesel) thanks to its eco-friendly nature and increased life of auto-engines. In India, the capital city Delhi, along with Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Lucknow, Kanpur, and Varanasi promotes the use of CNG in commercial vehicles. You would find a considerable number of buses, pick-up trucks, and auto rickshaws plying on CNG in these cities. Even, if you own a traditional gasoline vehicle, it is possible to incorporate a CNG system with the help of a CNG Conversion Kit.

What are the different types of CNG Conversion Kits?

Ideally, CNG Conversion Kits come with a regulator, high-pressure tubing, filling nozzle, hose clamp, and fuel change over “ON/Off” switch. There are two popular CNG kits currently available in the market- Venturi CNG kit and Sequential CNG injection kit. Detailed below is a brief description of each kit.

Venturi Kits

Venturi CNG kits are ideal for traditional cars remaining equipped with a carburettor instead of an MPFI system. It is a cost-effective device and comparatively easier to install than sequential kits. The gadget functions like a carburettor or ‘venturi’ by dispensing a fixed amount of gas on the throttle. The major advantage of this system is that you can install it in carburettor driven or fuel-injected vehicles. However, the car can experience issues of loss of pickup as a fixed amount of gas is made available to the intake system.

Sequential Kits

Sequential kits are more advanced than the venturi system, as here injectors control the gas flow. It remains equipped with an individual ECU (Electronic Control Unit) for the CNG system, which aids in monitoring and adjusting the flow of gas as per convenience. Here you can expect similar efficiency of the motor as in the case of petrol-fed engines. The mileage of vehicles is also better than venturi kits. However, you can install this conversion kits in only advanced automobiles having an electronic fuel injection system, and the cost of this gadget is almost twice of venturi kits. You also require skilled and experienced technicians for installing this system.

What are the advantages of installing CNG conversion kits in vehicles?

There are several advantages of installing CNG conversion kits in vehicles.

CNG is a safe fuel

It is safe to use CNG as a preferable fuel in automobiles. It is lighter than air, so even if there is an accidental leakage in your vehicle, there is a higher probability of the CNG diffusing to the higher level of the atmosphere. Moreover, the ignition temperature of CNG is 540•Celsius, against 360•Celsius in the case of petrol. So, there are limited chances of fire accidents when you have a CNG conversion kit in vehicles.

Reduces the Operational Cost

Natural gas is less expensive than petrol. The current price of CNG in Mumbai is around Rs 50 per kilogram, whereas the price of petrol in the same city is approximately 80 per litre. So, installing a CNG conversion kit reduces the cost of the operation of the fleet considerably.

CNG is Eco-Friendly

CNG is a cleaner fuel in comparison to petrol or diesel. It minimises the carbon monoxide emission by a whopping 90 to 97 per cent, while the nitrous oxide emission gets reduced by around 35 to 60 per cent. Emissions of other non-methane hydrocarbons also come down to about 50 to 70 per cent. So, opting for a CNG conversion kit reduces your carbon footprint.

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