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The Best Fuel Efficient Trucks In India

When it comes to talking about fuel-efficient cars, mini trucks are on the top list due to the facilities it provides. They literally have the ability to move around the town with smart technology. These kinds of trucks are quite popular all over India and mostly in the business sector since they are embedded with features like huge spaces, huge storage capacity, powerful engines, mileage etc. as compared to its size. On the other hand, businesses that use giant lorries or trucks to transport their material from one place to another consume more fuel as per research conducted.

Mini trucks are not as how the name just sounds. They are more efficient than they look. With their size and weight, they are extremely convenient to use specially in traffic like that of India’s. Starting from rural to urban areas, Mini trucks are famous in every corner of India and have been benefiting every individual till date.

Some of the best fuel-efficient trucks in India are as follows-

  • Tata Ace

    This vehicle is a revolution that took place in the commercial world. The Tata Ace is excellent in terms of maintenance and mileage. The starting price for this truck is Rs. 4.81 lakhs and it is a great deal as compared to other trucks in this range. Over 15 years, the trucks were sold to over 2 million users and it has been a massive hit. The truck powers on 702 cc diesel unit with a 710 kg of payload each day.

  • Mahindra Jeeto

    The Mahindra Jeeto is a small LCV and is a great model for commercial purpose. This truck is itself a competitor to the Tata Ace series, also including great mileage and power. The attractive design is what has snatched everyone’s attention. The truck has a single-cylinder M-Dura water-cooled engine with 635 cc displacement. Since August 2018, the truck has crossed one lakh production mileage as per M&M.

  • Ashok Leyland Dost

    The Ashok Leyland Dost has won multiple awards in the market and is known to offer great mileage, good pickup, great payload, big tyres and good space. It offers 1478cc Turbocharged Diesel Common Rail engine and a payload capacity of 1475 kg. The Ashok Leyland Dost is indeed a great value for money.

  • Mahindra Maxximo

    The Mahindra Maxximo is available at an ex-showroom price of Rs. 3.5 lakh. It is available in both diesel and CNG variant. It offers a mileage of 21.9 kmpl. The diesel variant offers a payload of 850 kg whereas the other one offers that of 750 kg. The truck is great in terms of style, looks, performance and higher profit margins. This truck fits the need of every business owner with decent facilities and has been the go-to option for each.

With the growing fuel prices in the Indian Economy, it is very important to manage the financial sector wisely. Stressing on commercial purposes, trucks that are efficient in every aspect aids to grow your business positively and quite rapidly.

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