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A Look Into Eicher Pro 6055 TT

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The Eicher Pro 6055 TT is the new talk of the town. This offering by Eicher in its Pro 6000 series comes with the offer of a refined trucking experience. Touted as India’s first 55 tonne GVW articulated tractor, the Eicher Pro 6055 TT is a modern and efficient truck made available to commercial vehicle users. The truck also boasts of being a great fuel efficient choice with a robust performance and fresh design and ergonomics. We explore all about the Eicher Pro 6055 TT in this article, from its great specifications to its amazing features.

High Performance Engine

Starting off with the engine, the motor under the hood of Eicher Pro 6055 TT has a lot to offer. The truck is fitted with a BS-IV compliant, 6-cylinder, 7700 cc, VEDX8 7.7 L CR DI engine. The engine is able to deliver a maximum power of 250 HP at 2200 rpm, and a peak torque of 950 Nm at 1100-1700 rpm. It is mated to a 9-speed manual gearbox with a pull type, booster assisted, 430 mm clutch. The solid performance of the truck allows it to sprint at a maximum speed of 80 kmph on a maximum fuel tank capacity of 350 litres. Pro 6055 TT has a turning radius of 7850 mm, giving it the ability to take on sharp turns with ease.

Build and Design

Eicher Pro 6055 TT has been designed in order to enhance the driver’s efficiency, and at the same time provide easy maintenance to the customer. With a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 55,000 kg, this truck has a vast scope of utility, and can serve as a tip trailer for carrying market loads, iron, steel and cement, and as a tanker. It comes with a fully suspended (4 point) Hydraulic tilt cabin with single sleeper and a deck body. It is also equipped with a Hydraulic Power Steering, air conditioning, driver information display and cruise control.

Suspension and Braking Abilities

The best in class features of Eicher Pro 6055 TT make it highly customer friendly. In terms of braking, this model has Dual Circuit Full air S Cam brakes with ABS, and parking brakes in addition. The suspension duties are carried out by 4 leaf parabolic with double acting telescopic springs in the front, and bell crank suspension in the rear. This makes it easy for the driver to move the truck in different and difficult terrains effortlessly.

Safety Features

Another key feature in Eicher Pro 6055 TT is its attention to detail and the ‘safety first’ mindset and design. The truck proves to be a safe ride with the presence of parking brakes, fog lights and seat belts for all the passengers on board.

Due to its utility in various industries and applications, the Eicher Pro 6055 TT is the newest addition to being one of the top models in the 6×4 tractor category. If you are looking for a truck with superior uptime, an intelligent driver system and your key to enhanced productivity and profitability, then the Eicher Pro 6055 TT is definitely worth having a look at.

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