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A Guide to LPT and LPK in TATA Tippers

To begin with, let us understand what exactly LPT and LPK mean. LPT is an abbreviation for ‘long platform truck’, where the engine is inside the cabin. Whereas, LPT is an abbreviation for ‘long platform kipper (tipper)’. LPT and LPK are hardcore heavy trucks used for harsh work while tippers are generally used for mining applications as they have high power.

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The globally known company, TATA, has manufactured various models in the LPT and LPK series giving one of the best services out of all LPT and LPK trucks.

Given below are top 3 TATA LPT trucks.

1. Tata LPT- 3718
Tata LPT 3718 is customizable and comes with chassis and a cowl but a cabin is not a part of the package. The axle configuration is of 6×4 with a ground clearance of 250 mm. This truck has a capacity to hold up to 27,405 kgs. The vehicle comes with standard air brakes and is inclusive of ABS.


The engine runs on 5883 cc reaching a maximum speed of 78 kmph. This truck can reach a maximum power of 175 bhp and adds a gradeability of 20%. This truck is priced at Rs. 31.51 Lakh.

2. Tata LPT- 1109 EX
This is a non- customizable truck that comes with a cabin and chassis. Tata LPT 1109 EX runs on a 497 TciC- Water cooled engine with an inter- cooler. The number of cylinders present is 4, having a capacity of 3783 cc. The maximum power achieved by this vehicle is 121.6 bhp and the maximum torque being 400 Nm. A fuel tank of capacity 160 L has been fixed.


This truck can carry a payload of 8000 kgs and can travel up to 94 kmph with a 5- speed gearbox, giving a gradeability of 23%. The truck turns with mechanical steering. This vehicle is priced at Rs.12.80 Lakh.

3. Tata LPT- 2518
This is a customizable truck that comes with only a chassis. A suitable cabin can be fixed according to the owner’s conditions. 6 inline engines have been situated that give an output of 132.5 kW in Tata LPT 2518. The maximum torque of 700 Nm is achieved. A 6- speed gear, TATA G750, is fixed.


The chassis is of width 2440 mm and length 9010 mm. The maximum climbing ability is 26% and gradeability is 19%. This truck is capable of loading a weight of 6000 kgs and is priced at Rs. 24.29 Lakh.

Given below are the top 3 TATA LPK tippers.

1. Tata LPK- 2518
The Tata LPK 2518 comes with a box type body. The 6 cylinder engine gives a displacement of 5883 cc. A maximum power of 180 bhp and 700 Nm of torque is achieved.


A 9- speed gearbox is fixed along with a manual transmission and a single plate dry friction 383 clutch is installed. The fuel tank holds up to 300 L. The gradeability goes up to 28%. This tipper vehicle is priced at Rs. 28.19 Lakh.

2. Tata LPK- 1618
The Tata LPK 1618 tipper truck runs on a 6 cylinder 5833 cc engine. 177.1 bhp is the maximum power achieved by this vehicle while the torque is 700 Nm. A 6- speed gearbox is coupled to a single dry plate clutch.


The fuel tank holds up to 225L and a gradeability of 42% ensured and a load of 16,000 kgs can be carried. This vehicle is priced at Rs.19.75 Lakh.

3. Tata LPK- 909 EX
This truck runs on 3783 cc engine with a power of 121.5 bhp. The transmission being manual and the clutch being a single plate, the maximum speed this vehicle approaches is 107 kmph and a torque of 40 Nm is attained.


The gradeability of this vehicle goes up till 24%. This tipper can carry a weight of 4940 kgs and is priced at Rs.10.2 Lakh.

So, here are the top trucks and tippers of the TATA company that come under the LPK and LPT category.

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